Little Bowl of Louisiana Gumbo

Gumbo is often used as a metaphor for the mix of cultures that exist in southern Louisiana that have influenced each other and melded together to create new traditions and cuisine.  Beyond my New Orleans roots, I am a mixed bag of tricks with a little bit of everything, along with a vast range of experiences that have influenced the creative I am today. Plus, I'm also a little spicy. 

Over a decade of experience in the industry - from a strategic-thinking/marketing background, to directing photo shoots and video editing , and everything in between. Conceptual thinker. Designer. Front-end coder. Interactive minded. Motion graphics wizard.

And always up for a glass of wine.

13 Fun Facts About Me

Born on Friday the 13th, in Uptown, New Orleans where my parents still reside.

Proud Fur Mom to Nola (lab mix) and Jazz (cat).

My fantasy football team name is VooDoo.

I have a pitchfork vein in my right arm that is very visible and freaks people out. I think it's badass. 

Love music and love to sing. I can't carry a tune in a bucket. Still I shamelessly belt along with the radio in my car. 

I tore my left ACL when I was 16 at a gymnastics meet. Tore the right one a year and a day later. The second one ended my gymnastics career.

 Nola & Jazz

Nola & Jazz

I am the sister to Her Majesty Queen of Hermes 2010. 

My younger brother is severely mentally disabled. He lives at home with my parents, is the light of my life and an angel. He's taught me more about unconditional love than any other person and I am thankful every day for all he has brought to my life.

I absolutely love stand up comedy.

I had a freak skiing accident when I was 12. I went into a paralytic shock where I couldn't move for about 24 hours.

Cube-ball all star. 

I was once "detained" (cited? but dropped), for "Intimidating a Police Officer," completely sober, at a college baseball game. If you've met me you realize why that's hilarious. #NOLACopProblems

13 year Newman Greenie.